Changes to the court fee system in the UK have now taken effect :

• Small claims fees for debts over £1,500 have increased. A 10% discount still applies to claims made online via Money Claim Online. See here for a list of fees :

• Fees for compensation claims with a value of £5,000 to £10,000 increase from £245 to £445;
• Fees to apply for judicial review will more than double from £60 to £135.
• A standard fee for applications will be charged : £155 for applications on notice or £50 for those made by consent or without notice.

These Court fee changes follow a period of consultation earlier this year. The consultation also included proposals to set fees for some civil and commercial cases as a percentage of the amount under dispute. The Ministry of Justice is said be still considering that part of the consultation and will provide further updates on this point in the near future.