In an ideal world your credit control service should never be stuck completing admin duties. Any time away from the phone, chasing outstanding payments is time lost.

Our goal is to reduce admin time as much as possible to ensure that our client gets the most out of our service and we can continue to collect in an ever more efficient way.

We often find that a new client is limited in some way by the system that they are using.

The ability to automate back office processes such as issuing invoices or statements can have a hugely positive impact on not only the collections processes but other areas too. It frees up peoples time to focus on what they need to, grow the business.

As a small entity grows it can often be a scary step to take – to move your accounts online.

We have been helping small businesses for more than 10 years do exactly that.

Our service has assisted several entities move their back office and accounts process online. As a certified Xero advisor we are able to incorporate the move online with setting up our credit control service.

The cost is minimal when considering the benefits of the service.

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