A study of 500 UK SME’s by Quickbooks has found that over half of business owners are chasing overdue invoices themselves, often outside office hours, eating into family time and putting a strain on their personal life.

Sterling provide outsourced credit control to businesses as small as £0.5m t/o, acting entirely in our client’s name, giving the business the benefits of a professional credit control team at a fraction of the cost. Our service allows company owners to focus on core business, safe in the knowledge that their invoices are being paid promptly.

The same study by Quickbooks found that over 10% of the SME’s invoices were more than 200 days overdue and therefore considered to be bad debt. SME’s often need assistance in collecting ageing debts, and the risk and cost of legal action can be prohibitive. Sterling’s commission only debt collection service gets debts paid quickly with no up-front cost and no risk of throwing good money after bad. Using late payment legislation Sterling are able to add fees and interest to the debt so that the debtor effectively covers the cost of our service.

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