Business Credit Reports

business credit reportsSterling provide an optional subscription for business credit reports as part of our Outsourced Credit Control Solution. The service allows our credit controller and our client’s chosen users to check the company credit score for any business within the UK and Ireland. In addition we import our client’s customer list into the system which then monitors all customers for changes that may be a sign of weakening in stability. Changes are emailed automatically to your credit controller at Sterling who will analyse the customer, contacting you to suggest pertinent action if appropriate and sending a copy of the business credit report.
Sterling are also able to provide international credit reports and reports on sole traders and partnerships by request. We can also provide bespoke in depth checks of UK and international businesses where the highest level of attention is required.

Improve your own business credit rating

credit reports for businessesBusinesses with weak credit ratings suffer from poor access to credit and finance. A weak rating damages the profile of the business and can lead to lost sales, especially in high-value opportunities.

Often a weak rating is not due to significant financial weaknesses in the business, but how data has been presented to the rating agencies, historical data that is no longer relevant, or even errors in the data they receive. Sterling are able to provide a credit profile review to ascertain the reasons for the low rating and where possible act to correct and improve the ratings whether this be at a single or multiple rating agencies.