Debt Collection Service

Sterling’s Credit Control Service works in our client’s name to get their customers to pay them as quickly as possible, and be happy doing so. Maintaining healthy customer relations is key to the service. On some occasions however a customer will refuse to make payment either because they believe they have a legitimate dispute, because they lack funds, or because they think they can get away without doing so. When this is the case it helps resolve matters more quickly by escalating the customer to our separate Debt Collection Service, Sterling Debt Recovery. This allows the credit controller to focus their time where it is most valuable, on the main ledger.

Sterling’s debt recovery team are based in the same office as our credit control staff, they are a separate service line with different skills and objectives. Whilst our credit control team are very much focussed on customer relations our debt recovery team have the simple objective of getting the debt paid as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. The service is carried out in the Sterling Debt Recovery brand, our collectors analyse the reason for non-payment, explain to the debtor why their dispute is not legitimate, and by the explicit threat of litigation and enforcement they persuade the debtor that it is in their interests to resolve the matter by making payment. Where the debtor has financial issues our collector will manage a payment schedule in such a way that we are always on the top of the payment list.

The Debt Collection Service is available as an extension of our credit control service, or as a stand-alone service for use on an ad hoc basis. We charge on a commission only basis with no up-front fee. As we are able to add ‘reasonable debt recovery costs’ under the Late Payment Act, as well as interest and late payment fees, in the vast majority of cases our charge is covered by the debtor.

See  here for more about how Sterling collect debts and further details of our debt collection service.