Interim Credit Management

There are various reasons why a business may need someone to step into a credit manager role on a temporary basis. It may be that a member of staff is taking an extended absence from work, the ledger may need additional attention temporarily, or the company may need to access expertise to improve process and skills in the in-house team. Sterling are able to provide different levels of service depending on the nature of the requirement.

In house senior interim credit manager:

Sterling are able to provide an experienced credit manager on a day rate basis, working at your site on a short to medium term basis. Our credit manager has 30 years’ experience in various sectors for both UK and international businesses. He has experience in setting up new teams, putting in place credit policies, training staff, and is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and the Association of Credit Professionals. During his numerous interim projects he has continued to develop his skills, gaining experience in working in various sectors, with different systems, and 3rd party suppliers.

Outsourced interim credit control:

Working from our service centre, Sterling are able to provide our outsourced credit control service on a temporary basis to bolster your in-house team or to fill the gap during staff absence. Our service works under your brand as an extension of your business. We can take responsibility for chasing the entire ledger or you can ‘cut’ the ledger, giving Sterling responsibility for a section (often this is done alphabetically). We will manage your ledger professionally, to your process, working remotely on your systems. We will liaise with your internal team on a regular basis over the phone and instant messenger if appropriate, and will provide a thorough handover of our ledger once you decide to take responsibility back in-house. The service is often far more cost effective than employing a temporary credit controller in house, saving on agency fees. We also give the advantage of retaining knowledge so that you can turn the service on and off as the need arises.

If you would like further information on our interim services please contact us.