Sterling works closely with a sole practitioner debt collection solicitor based in our service centre. We are able to draw on his experience to help protect our clients as far as possible from bad debtors. Rather than simply operate a process whereby debts are referred to the solicitor to lodge a legal claim, we may involve our solicitor early in the cycle in order to resolve disputes so that debt litigation is not necessary. In the majority of cases we are able to achieve payment without the need for legal action.

Our debt collection solicitor is a 10+ years qualified English sole practitioner with prior experience at two major UK firms. He specialises in UK and international debt litigation with particular experience in collection debts for the Recruitment, Waste Management and Accountancy sectors.

Whilst most law firms and debt collection agencies have a standard process of submitting a legal claim against each debtor, Sterling will analyse each case to determine the course of action which is likely to get the best result for our client. We will make a recommendation to the client explaining the likely costs, risks and chances of success. Whilst the focus of many law firms is simply achieving a judgement, our debt collection solicitor is focussed on achieving payment in the most cost effective and least risk manner – submitting a legal claim is not always the best method of achieving this.

Sterling can also assist clients in drafting or tightening up their terms of business, and in ensuring that their internal processes comply with their contractual responsibilities. During the debt recovery or debt litigation process weaknesses in clients’ terms or processes sometimes become apparent in which case we will feed this back to the customer.

Our unique arrangement allows us to provide legal services to our debt collection clients at a low hourly rate of £150 per hour. We are also able to provide fixed fee and commission based arrangements.

Debt Litigation Service

  • Drafting terms of business
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Analysis of contracts in tender processes
  • Debt litigation
  • Defending disputed claims

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