Enterprise Act becomes law, will it help small firms resolve issues such as late payment?

The Enterprise Act includes measures to: establish a Small Business Commissioner to help small firms resolve issues such as late payment include the actions of regulators in the government’s £10 billion deregulation target and increase transparency through annual reporting requirements extend the successful Primary Authority scheme to make it easier for businesses to access consistent, tailored [...]

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Insolvency debt collection

Insolvency Practitioners and debt collection. Resource and experience are available to undertake a range of investigations. Sterling work with Insolvency Practitioners to value sales ledgers and to cost effectively collect book debts quickly and efficiently. Sterling Debt Recovery provides a proven service to Insolvency Practitioners working with Receivership - Liquidation - Administration - Company Voluntary Arrangement [...]

How Sterling successfully assisted this financial services company

Sterling assisted a financial services company to recover unpaid instalments of loans granted to individuals under a trust. After the claim form was served, all 5 individuals contacted Sterling voluntarily to pay the full amount of the loan instalments plus legal costs and court fees. Furthermore, they agreed to make arrangements to repay the entire loans [...]

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Small Claims Court success

Small Claims Court: A Small Claims Court success for our client who performed plumbing works for a large chain restaurant, which subsequently refused to pay on the grounds that the documents were not in order and the Purchase Order had not been complied with. We filed a claim against them in the Small Claims Court, adding [...]

Increase in UK court fees as from 22nd April 2014

Changes to the court fee system in the UK have now taken effect : • Small claims fees for debts over £1,500 have increased. A 10% discount still applies to claims made online via Money Claim Online. See here for a list of fees : https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/court-fees • Fees for compensation claims with a value of £5,000 [...]

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